The Basics

Domains names are unique, if the domain name you want is already registered you can’t register it again.

So it is a good idea to register your name with at least the two most popular extensions + .com – to stop anyone else getting them.

US domains .com .net etc are registered for a minimum of 1 year
UK domains etc are registered for a minimum of 2 years

Names can only contain Letters / Numbers and a – ( hyphen )
It normally takes about 24-48 hours for a domain to become active (propagate)

The Price

Payment accepted by:
PayPal® – UK Cheque – Bank Transfer

To keep things simple UKPrime have a unique pricing policy – £15 each for first period then:-

£12 – 2 years for
£12 – 1 year for .com
£12 – 1 year for .net
£12 – 1 year for .biz

That’s £15 for first registration period – Total Price – inc Reg Fees for the term, SIMPLE !

Obviously a hosting account is required if you want a web site.

That includes – if required – FREE eMail & URL redirection for parked (dormant) domains

UK Prime take care of all necessary registration & linking to your hosting account etc.